Bird Watching and Writing

I am a birdwatcher. Not the kind who can’t go out without my binoculars, but the kind who feeds hummingbirds and notices when a sharp-shinned hawk is building her nest in the woods behind my house. I also watch the … Continue reading

Quotes on Babies, Unicorns, Smart Women

A lot of people are saying a lot of cool stuff, and I decided, because I am a daughter of a man who had Alzheimer’s, to jot them down before they disappear from my brain cells. Some are from favorite … Continue reading

Babies & Baseball: Do They Really Mix?

It’s Sunday in August, and the stands at Target Field are rocking with babies. Babies of all sizes and all decibels. I find it hard to believe that any of these little ones care if the Minnesota Twins pull themselves … Continue reading

Why I Spend Halloween in the Basement

Our marriage is a Halloween-free zone.We also avoid restaurants with themes, ever since the waiter at Renaissance Buffet plopped down on one knee, thumped his chest, and said, “My liege, might I suggest a hearty meat pie or a joint of … Continue reading

“Mom, They’re Banning Books!”

I had been stumbling around in the plot of a book I was writing for some time. I knew the protagonist couldn’t read and that books were disappearing. I was going for some kind of Alice Hoffman magical realism thing. … Continue reading

Censorship WSJ Style

It is a dark day when a national newspaper like the Wall Street Journal advocates censorship for the good of the kids. In a June 4, 2011 article, WSJ complained about the “darkness” in young adult (YA) fiction these days. It … Continue reading

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