An Old Friend Turns into a New Enemy

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WarriorsRevenge-AmazonVengeance stalks them. Mysterious messages hurl small-town yoga teacher Maya Skye and reporter Peter Jorn down a trail of betrayal, revenge, and grief that ultimately will test Maya’s own depths of forgiveness. “When loss is too great, love can unhinge us all,” warns a stranger. Maya is about to find out just how true that is.

Maya’s entire family is drawn into this cozy mystery. From a scavenger hunt in Paris to a tent revival in her own backyard in Minnesota, the past is coming back with a vengeance, and it is bringing out the warrior in Maya.

This is Book Two in the Maya Skye series. Book One is Down Dog Diary. Both feature a strong heroine, unforgettable characters, and dilemmas that test our heart and spirituality.

“Magical, mystical Maya is the gal I want playing on my team—a warrior with brains, beauty, and an X-factor!” Faith Sullivan, author of The Cape Ann and Good Night Mr. Wodehouse

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