Dark Side of the Loon Is Calling You

Okay all you Pink Floyd fans, mystery lovers, and loon adorers, Dark Side of the Loon is out. This collection of short stories is subtitled “Where History Meets Mystery.” All the stories are by Sisters in Crime members, and all have a connection to a Minnesota historical event. My story combines wind tunnel dancing and bison kill sites.

Here is writer John McPhee’s reflections on the common loon’s tremolo call, “If the laugh were human, it would be the laugh of the deeply insane.”

”Ever wonder how Minnesota mystery writers spend the long cold winter? Wonder no more. You’ll gobble up these sinister little morsels like mini-donuts at the State Fair.” —Brian Freeman, Award-winning author of the Duluth-based Jonathan Stride series

I am so honored to be included in this collection. I hope the loon is calling to you. You can pick up your copy in paperback or eBook here.

Warrior’s Revenge: Maya Skye Mystery Available

Warrior's Revenge yoga mysteryMaya Skye is back in a new adventure called WARRIOR’S REVENGE.

Threatening messages from a dead man send yoga teacher Maya and reporter Peter Jorn down a trail of betrayal, revenge, and grief that ultimately will test Maya’s own depths of forgiveness as she and Jorn face an opponent not only bent on revenge—but murder.

Maya’s entire family is drawn into this one. From a scavenger hunt in Paris to a tent revival in her own backyard in Minnesota, the past is coming back with a vengeance, and it is bringing out the warrior in Maya.

This Minnesota mystery with a yoga spirit is book two in the Maya Skye series.

Some Things You Ought to Know about Maya

  • Yoga teacher Maya Skye’s search for inner peace is regularly interrupted by mayhem. She won’t back down from a fight.
  • Her stories blend adventure, humor, Native American lore, and Zen attitude.
  • Her adventures are perfect for you if you love mysteries with strong heroines and unforgettable characters. Or you love yoga. Or you just love Minnesota.

Pick up your copy today. Available in paperback and ebook.

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Down Dog Diary Named as a SELF-e Select Title

SELF-e-badges-blue2Cupcakes for everyone. DOWN DOG DIARY was chosen as a SELF-e Select title in the Mystery category by Library Journal. The SELF-e program is a new program by Library Journal to provide curated suggestions to libraries of self-published work. The goal is to connect indies, libraries and readers. This is a big deal for me. The big deal is curation, having a recognized trade publication give my book a 5-star thumbs up. When so many review places are closed to independent publishing, this program is a bright spot and I hope it encourages libraries and librarians to explore more independent work.

For more info on the SELF-e program, click here.


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What Are My Books About?

My books are about justice. As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “The time is always right to do what is right.” So, my characters struggle with choices and with finding goodness and doing good when it is not always easy. We all want, most of all, inner peace and love. My wish for you is that you find both—and along the way, enjoy a good book or two.


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