Up There: Midwest Book Awards Finalist

Up There has been named a finalist in the literary fiction category of the 34th annual Midwest Book Awards, which is one of the longest running literary recognition programs in the country. I am excited and honored.

Up There explores family life, mother-daughter love, small-town relationships, and environmental issues—issues we all are facing in these changing times. I hope readers can see a bit of themselves in Ariel Lee and are encouraged to find their own paths to self-discovery.

Gold winners will be announced in person at the Midwest Book Awards gala held on June 22, 2024 at the Mall of America in Minneapolis.

“A magical story in which the wind is a living thing and speaks to young Ariel, causing her nothing but trouble. In Up There, Sherry Roberts spins an enchanting tale of self-discovery that climaxes in a literal cataclysmic whirlwind as the adult Ariel finally comes to terms with the person she was always meant to be. Roberts’s vivid imagery almost lifts off the page to float away in the breeze.”

Michael Allan Mallory, author of the award-winningThe Lost Dragon Murder

“Up There is stunning, with beautiful writing and a magical story that is heart-wrenching at times but mostly heart-warming, amusing, smart, and fast-paced. Up There is ideal for book clubs and readers who have loved novels such as Remarkably Bright Creatures and All The Light You Cannot See and Plainsong. Such novels take one’s breath away and Up There did that for me. As soon as I finished it I wanted to experience it again. . . Highly recommended novel!”

—Christine DeSmet, author, writing instructor

“Sherry Roberts is stunningly gifted in braiding together the world as we know it with what it could be. Her world-making vibrates with believability, and in Up There she enchants us again. Ariel Lee is Robert’s most endearing character yet. Your heart will break for Ariel as she navigates coming of age as well as coming to terms with what makes her unlike anyone else, and how much one will sacrifice for the people we love.”

—Susan Thurston-Hamerski, MALS, author of Sister of Grendel

Welcome from Sherry

I started out as a reporter in Missouri and Vermont, wrote op-ed pieces for USA Today, and now I write short stories and novels. My mysteries and fiction combine humor and unforgettable characters as they explore issues of the day. I’m in love with the quirky, and it shows in my books.

My essays on topics ranging from current events to the Sanity Toolkit (ideas to get you through the day) are collected at The Hearth

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