Crow Calling: New Maya Skye Book
Saving the Monarchs & Catching a Killer

A warning of crows. A murdered environmentalist. A bleeding-heart butterfly sanctuary. Everyone in Gabriel’s Garden knows who’s to blame: the Skyes. Can yoga master Maya Skye find the killer before someone else dies? The crows bring her clues. So does local newspaperman Peter Jorn. Even the dead man—a modern-day Johnny Appleseed—has tales to tell from his violent past.

This unconventional cozy combines the intrigue of small-town Minnesota with an absorbing mystery and the challenge of saving the monarchs.

Here’s what Faith Sullivan, author of Good Night, Mr. Wodehouse, says about Crow Calling: “In Crow Calling, Sherry Roberts seamlessly weaves murder, ecology and small-town paranoia into a mystery only her beautiful, intuitive yoga instructor, Maya Skye, could unravel—for it is Maya who understands the language of crows. Reader, enjoy!”

You can read Crow Calling, Book Three in the Maya Skye series, in print or eBook. Order today.

Welcome from Sherry

I started out as a reporter in Missouri and Vermont, wrote op-ed pieces for USA Today, and now I write short stories and novels. My mysteries and fiction combine humor and unforgettable characters as they explore issues of the day. I’m in love with the quirky, and it shows in my books.

My essays on topics ranging from current events to the Sanity Toolkit (ideas to get you through the day) are collected at The Hearth. My articles on yoga are posted at A Moment of Yoga.

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