How Yoga and Patanjali Can Help Your Writing

Long ago in a land faraway a humble physician named Patanjali codified his thoughts and knowledge of yoga in The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali. This is a guide for living the right life. It is also a guide to right … Continue reading

A Balanced Breakfast with the Gang of Three

This winter has felt out of balance, and I am not just talking about the polar vortex. The white-tail deer haven’t come calling. Minnesota is suffering from a dwindling deer population. The deer have not wandered through the woods behind … Continue reading

The Real Reason We Give Thanks

Giving thanks is important. Not because it earns you brownie points with some higher power. Not because it is polite and civilized. Not because it is one of the three great prayers, according to Anne Lamott (although I agree with … Continue reading

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