Warrior’s Revenge: New Maya Skye Mystery Available

Warrior's Revenge yoga mysteryMaya Skye is back in a new adventure called WARRIOR’S REVENGE.

Threatening messages from a dead man send yoga teacher Maya and reporter Peter Jorn down a trail of betrayal, revenge, and grief that ultimately will test Maya’s own depths of forgiveness as she and Jorn face an opponent not only bent on revenge—but murder.

Maya’s entire family is drawn into this one. From a scavenger hunt in Paris to a tent revival in her own backyard in Minnesota, the past is coming back with a vengeance, and it is bringing out the warrior in Maya.

This Minnesota mystery with a yoga spirit is book two in the Maya Skye series.

Some Things You Ought to Know about Maya

  • Yoga teacher Maya Skye’s search for inner peace is regularly interrupted by mayhem. She won’t back down from a fight.
  • Her stories blend adventure, humor, Native American lore, and Zen attitude.
  • Her adventures are perfect for you if you love mysteries with strong heroines and unforgettable characters. Or you love yoga. Or you just love Minnesota.

Pick up your copy today. Available in paperback and ebook.

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Read an excerpt of Warrior’s Revenge.


Down Dog Diary Named as a SELF-e Select Title

SELF-e-badges-blue2Cupcakes for everyone. DOWN DOG DIARY was chosen as a SELF-e Select title in the Mystery category by Library Journal. The SELF-e program is a new program by Library Journal to provide curated suggestions to libraries of self-published work. The goal is to connect indies, libraries and readers. This is a big deal for me. The big deal is curation, having a recognized trade publication give my book a 5-star thumbs up. When so many review places are closed to independent publishing, this program is a bright spot and I hope it encourages libraries and librarians to explore more independent work.

For more info on the SELF-e program, click here.


2016 Will Be a Busy Year

Bookawards-DSCN1174I don’t make resolutions. To me, that’s just asking for trouble. But I do make plans, and 2016 is full of them. The second book in the Maya Skye series, Warrior’s Revenge, has just come out. If you enjoyed the mystery, characters, yoga spirit, and magic of book one, Down Dog Diary, I hope you will check out Warrior’s Revenge.

I also am chairing the 26th Annual Midwest Book Awards this year. So for the past five months, I have been working with entries, judges, the postmistress (what a dear woman), and the limited space in my house to pull off the best book awards ever. Have I bit off more than I can chew? You bet. Just take a look at my porch. That’s more than 1000 books. And in that midst are the winners who will be feted at our big gala in May. (See Surviving Book Awards.)

All this book awards madness has taken away from my business and my writing, but I believe it is worth it. The whole purpose of the awards is to honor, promote, and improve the quality of publishing in the Midwest. In the end, the publishers, the authors, the judges, and I will know a little more about writing and publishing than when we started. And that is a good thing.

If your books are published in the Midwest, visit the Midwest Independent Publishing Association’s website and learn more. Become a member. Entries are closed for this year’s awards program, but there is always next year. Start planning now. In past years, two of my books (Down Dog Diary and Book of Mercy) have been finalists in this award. (See the pretty silver stickers.) Some people say awards don’t sell books, and I have to agree that the recognition didn’t shoot my book to the top of any bestseller lists. But it is recognition that someone other than your mother appreciated your book and found it successful. It worked as a book. It engaged the reader. And that, my friend, is all I could ask for.


What Are My Books About?

My books are about justice. As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “The time is always right to do what is right.” So, my characters struggle with choices and with finding goodness and doing good when it is not always easy. We all want, most of all, inner peace and love. My wish for you is that you find both—and along the way, enjoy a good book or two.


What’s Happening in Sherry’s Life

  • I’m fascinated with big numbers. Show me the biggest of anything, and I am there. Read more >
  • Being a writer, I am always wondering, where does all the creative stuff come from? Don’t you? Read more >
  • On my bike ride yesterday, I saw a neighbor had installed a free little library. It is an exact replica of his Tudor-style home. Read more about free little libraries >


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