My Yoga

ist2_981376_sun_rising_meditationMany of the articles in this section were written for Yoga Movement, a website I started in 2000 and ran for more than 15 years.

When I was writing them, I had one goal: to share yoga as I was learning it and experiencing it.

I’m not a yoga teacher; I’m a journalist by trade, a mother, a grandmother, a writer, a reader, a lover of chocolate, bread, and hummingbirds. So if you find a nugget in these articles to lighten your spirit, please take it and grow it.

I was a tennis player sidelined with plantar fasciitis when I discovered yoga. I thought I would serve my sentence—an order to stay off the courts for six months—with a little dip into yoga, then go back to tennis. I would forget all those poses that looked great when other people were doing them, the meditation that made me wonder if I was doing it right, and the deep breathing that felt, well, wonderful.

I did go back to tennis, but I also stayed in the calming pool of yoga. That was nearly twenty years ago.

Now two shoulder surgeries and cranky knees later, I have left the tennis court, but I am still on the yoga mat. I still turn to the calming wisdom of yoga to handle the stresses in my life. And I am trying to find new ways to write about yoga in my Maya Skye mystery series.