In the Save the Butterflies Business

When I am tagging Monarch butterflies, I feel like the klutzy nature lover Elaine May in the cult classic A New Leaf. In the movie, she is a rich professor pursuing botanical discoveries while her gold digger husband Walter Matthau … Continue reading

A Balanced Breakfast with the Gang of Three

This winter has felt out of balance, and I am not just talking about the polar vortex. The white-tail deer haven’t come calling. Minnesota is suffering from a dwindling deer population. The deer have not wandered through the woods behind … Continue reading

Cold Lessons from the Polar Vortex

I like warm and fuzzy vortexes, like the kind I wrote about in Down Dog Diary. I had never even heard of a polar vortex until Minnesota turned into a deep freeze this winter. I mean, when my husband said … Continue reading

Why You Need a Nature Lover in Your Life

We should all know someone who reminds us of the joys of natural phenomena. These are people who drag you into a snowstorm to feel the cold kiss of snowflakes on your cheek. They grab your book from your hand, … Continue reading

Don’t Tangle with Tango

A little penguin named Tango and a banned book have created an uproar in Rochester, MN. Rochester is the home of the Mayo Clinic, the facility patients come to from all over the world to get answers to tough medical questions. … Continue reading

Watch Where You Put Those Memories, Buddy

My 81-year-old father claims he’s 91. What day is it, Dad? He looks befuddled and asks for multiple choice. He calls my sisters: “Come help me find my phone, hearing aids, teeth.” My father is taking the strongest drug for Alzheimer’s, … Continue reading

Creepy Hitchcock Birds

My daughter hates birds. Except for Tippi Hedren after being cooped up for months on a shoot with spooky Alfred Hitchcock, I don’t understand someone taking such a dislike to birds. “It’s their knees,” she says. “They bend backwards. Gross.” … Continue reading

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