In the Save the Butterflies Business

When I am tagging Monarch butterflies, I feel like the klutzy nature lover Elaine May in the cult classic A New Leaf. In the movie, she is a rich professor pursuing botanical discoveries while her gold digger husband Walter Matthau … Continue reading

A Balanced Breakfast with the Gang of Three

This winter has felt out of balance, and I am not just talking about the polar vortex. The white-tail deer haven’t come calling. Minnesota is suffering from a dwindling deer population. The deer have not wandered through the woods behind … Continue reading

Why You Need a Nature Lover in Your Life

We should all know someone who reminds us of the joys of natural phenomena. These are people who drag you into a snowstorm to feel the cold kiss of snowflakes on your cheek. They grab your book from your hand, … Continue reading

Creepy Hitchcock Birds

My daughter hates birds. Except for Tippi Hedren after being cooped up for months on a shoot with spooky Alfred Hitchcock, I don’t understand someone taking such a dislike to birds. “It’s their knees,” she says. “They bend backwards. Gross.” … Continue reading

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