Memo from Minnesota Niceland

One of my favorite parts of the Bryant and May mysteries written by Christopher Fowler is the hilarious staff memo at the beginning of the books. So in a nod to Mr. Fowler, here is a memo on my last … Continue reading

To Parkland, With Love

The silence must be unbearable—for 17 families of children and teachers gunned down in a Valentine’s Day massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Those killed take with them the laughter, the love, the chatter over the … Continue reading

Saved by the Great British Baking Show

In this nasty and endless election year, I have turned to The Great British Baking Show for a dose of spirit-reviving civility. Until this year, I never realized how much civility matters. I have always tried to be polite, but … Continue reading

Don’t Tangle with Tango

A little penguin named Tango and a banned book have created an uproar in Rochester, MN. Rochester is the home of the Mayo Clinic, the facility patients come to from all over the world to get answers to tough medical questions. … Continue reading

I Heart You Not

I despise holidays based on either extortion or expectations of the heart. Everyone knows my feelings about Halloween. (See “Why I Spend Halloween in the Basement.”) Valentine’s Day ranks right up there with it; I was tempted to name this post … Continue reading

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