Holiday Stories for Sharing

Take a break from all the shopping craziness and preparations, put your feet up, and enjoy a holiday story, a sweet remembrance, a peek into someone else’s celebrations. This is the season for sharing. We hope you enjoy this small … Continue reading

Christmas Cookies at the Peacock Bra Bar on the Planet of the Kings

This holiday blog post is brought to you by Ann Woodbeck. I am happy to have my writer friend as a guest. We have been writing about things that evoke the spirit of Christmas in our lives. The kings travelled far, … Continue reading

Let There Be Light

All I want for Christmas is: illumination. Light is a gift. Fire was a game changer for the cave family. Chevy Chase became the ultimate bad light bulb hunter and a maestro of light in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation all … Continue reading

Christmas Shopping by Twilight

After several excruciating hours navigating the mass mileage of the Mall of America, I lug my Christmas bags home, plop down in a chair, and realize with sadness: I don’t know how to do it right anymore. Christmas shopping, that … Continue reading

7 Tips for Making Your Christmas Cookie Party Merry

The reason I host Christmas cookie decorating parties is that baking is an imprecise science (at least in my kitchen), and, occasionally, you need someone to take the fall. I also am not a fan of the cookie exchange parties, … Continue reading

I Heart You Not

I despise holidays based on either extortion or expectations of the heart. Everyone knows my feelings about Halloween. (See “Why I Spend Halloween in the Basement.”) Valentine’s Day ranks right up there with it; I was tempted to name this post … Continue reading

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