Saved by the Great British Baking Show

In this nasty and endless election year, I have turned to The Great British Baking Show for a dose of spirit-reviving civility. Until this year, I never realized how much civility matters. I have always tried to be polite, but … Continue reading

Holiday Stories for Sharing

Take a break from all the shopping craziness and preparations, put your feet up, and enjoy a holiday story, a sweet remembrance, a peek into someone else’s celebrations. This is the season for sharing. We hope you enjoy this small … Continue reading

Christmas Cookies at the Peacock Bra Bar on the Planet of the Kings

This holiday blog post is brought to you by Ann Woodbeck. I am happy to have my writer friend as a guest. We have been writing about things that evoke the spirit of Christmas in our lives. The kings travelled far, … Continue reading

7 Tips for Making Your Christmas Cookie Party Merry

The reason I host Christmas cookie decorating parties is that baking is an imprecise science (at least in my kitchen), and, occasionally, you need someone to take the fall. I also am not a fan of the cookie exchange parties, … Continue reading

Everyday Creativity Can Keep You Healthy

A creative idea a day keeps the doctor away. And it doesn’t even have to be a big idea. We don’t have to be the next Michelangelo or be a whiz at creating things with pipe cleaners. We just have … Continue reading

Bet Hemingway Was a Whiz in the Kitchen

The last cake I baked drifted out of the pan as if it were an angel descending, settled on the platter, and promptly split down the middle. The fissure was about the size of the Grand Canyon. Since it was … Continue reading

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