The Change Cometh: MIB vs. MIL

Maybe it’s not disease or crime or tripping over the cat that kills us. Maybe it’s change. In this winter of impossible snows, devious ice, and sub-zero temperatures that stab through bone, I am thinking of my mother-in-law (MIL). Hoping … Continue reading

How to Energize Your Dreams

I was raised by a dreamer who wanted to save energy. Maybe that’s why I love the whole idea of alternative energy: wind, sun, squirrels running in wheels, dog sleds. When I drive from Minnesota to Missouri, one of my … Continue reading

Watch Where You Put Those Memories, Buddy

My 81-year-old father claims he’s 91. What day is it, Dad? He looks befuddled and asks for multiple choice. He calls my sisters: “Come help me find my phone, hearing aids, teeth.” My father is taking the strongest drug for Alzheimer’s, … Continue reading

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