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January 31, 2012: Get Loaded Blog Tour de Force has come to an end. Thank you to all who stopped by and chatted with me on this blog and by email. Please visit my blog again. Also, I’d love to have you friend me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter. A special congratulations to Anita, the winner of the Book of Mercy Gift Basket. The next time you play Bananagrams think of Antigone.

Calling all Sherlocks, Stephanie Plums, Richard Castles, and all you readers/geocachers/scavenger hunters.

It is time for the Get Loaded Blog Tour de Force—the most fun you’ll have on a scavenger hunt all year.

We call it get loaded because we’re going to load up your ereaders with FREE eBooks. And some of you are going to score loads of prizes as well—special gift baskets by the five participating authors and a new Kindle.

Eager to get on the trail?

Get out your GPS (Great Powers of Scavenging) and put in these coordinates:

Why am I doing this tour? Because I want you to meet: Antigone Brown, a women who can’t read and is pregnant with her first child; Irene Crump, president of the Mercy Study Club and determined to rid the town of Mercy of “undesirable” books; and Ryder, a runaway who steals right into Antigone’s heart (and yours, too, I bet).

Basically, it all boils down to a literary smackdown between Antigone and Irene. Who will win? Will censorship prevail in Mercy or will Antigone be able to save the books she can’t read? There’s a secret library involved, a brawl (with pies), hubcap art, boxing deer, and more.

How do you get this must-read? Leave a comment on my blog, during this tour, and I’ll send you a FREE eBook of Book of Mercy. Be sure to leave your email address and what type of eBook you’d like (PDF, Kindle, ePUB format).

Rules of the game:

  • Leave comments on every site of the tour. Use your GPS to hop around the tour. Try to hit every author site. Leave a comment at every site. Each comment earns you a free eBook from that site’s owner AND an entry into the site’s giveaway AND an entry into (drum roll please) the Big Golden Cache at the end: a FREE KINDLE!
  • Find your clues. After you comment, hop over to the Indie Book Collective and get clues for hidden info. While you’re there, sign up for the IBC newsletter and earn 5 MORE ENTRIES for that Kindle.
  • Grab your GPS and start hunting down info.
  • Collect all the info and e-mail your answers at the end of the tour to IBC to earn EXTRA entries for the Kindle drawing.
  • Cheating is allowed. Keep this on the down low, but I will be giving a few hints on Twitter. Follow me at @sherryroberts7 and get some insider info on this super-scavenger hunt.


  • Books, books, books. All of the eBook variety. Collect a FREE eBook at every author’s site. That means you’re hunting for five days, but it’s worth it. A comment on this site earns you an eBook copy of Book of Mercy.
  • Giveaways. Leave a comment at each author’s site and get entered into that author’s special giveaway. What’s in my gift basket? A signed paperback copy of Book of Mercy for your personal library. A dozen of the best cookies on the planet courtesy of Two Smart Cookies (because you won’t be able to put down Book of Mercy and will need nourishment) and a Bananagrams game (in honor of my dyslexic heroine, Antigone, who sees letters mixed up all the time and has to make sense of them). I have to limit this giveaway winner to the U.S. #sorry.
  • Free Kindle. For each comment you leave on my site, you will get one entry into the drawing for the Big Golden Cache at the end: a FREE KINDLE! For every piece of information that you scavenge from the five authors’ sites and take back to the IBC site, you get a Kindle giveaway entry. Sign up for the IBC newsletter and get 5 more entries.

So stuff that ballot box, baby. Scavenge like crazy. Don’t miss a day or a site.

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A Word about My Tour Mates: Amazing Paranormal Reads

Go back to Day Three: Chelsea Fine’s YA paranormal romance, Anew, presents a conundrum I can honestly say I have never encountered in my long reading life. This is a fresh take on the love triangle, and you’ll find yourself wishing there was a way for everyone—brothers Tristan and Gabriel and lovely Scarlet—to live happily ever after. But first they have to break not one, but three curses. A promising start to the Archers of Avalon series. Bring us more, Chelsea. What are you doing on this tour? You need to be writing.

Get ready for Day Five: Liz Schulte is a talented writer who has woven an intricate plot with an amazingly seductive bad boy (don’t the vulnerable ones get us every time). In Secrets, she alternates first-person chapters between photographer Olivia and mysterious Holden. The world has plans for Olivia. Can she keep from falling into the abyss? Side note: The dream sequences in this book are amazing.

That’s it. So get going. Comment. Scavenge. Cheat all you want. Get those prizes. Get loaded.

Remember: Leave a comment on my blog, during this tour, and I’ll send you a FREE copy of Book of Mercy. Be sure to leave your email address and what type of eBook you’d like (PDF, Kindle, ePUB format). Here’s the question I’d like you to answer: What’s your favorite banned book and why?


Get Loaded Blog Tour de Force: Get Out Your GPS — 129 Comments

    • The lucky winner of the Book of Mercy gift basket is Anita. Thank you, Ollie, and all the readers for scavenging your little hearts out. I had fun playing games with you all and hope you enjoy reading Book of Mercy.

  1. I’m running a bit behind this blog tour but I would love to get a chance to read your book – epub format. I’d have to say To Kill a Mockingbird is still my favorite banned book. Thanks so much.

  2. The book sounds great can’t wait to read mine on my Kindle…These tours are a great way to be introduced to new authors and books.
    Thank you for participating,
    Bonnie Paton Pitruch

  3. Please send me a Mobi copy of your book I can read on my Kindle. I use a screenshot of a banned book poster on my Kindle as a screen saver so you can see where I stand on that issue. I think my favorite banned book is “To Kill a Mockingbird” and the book I wanted to add to the list while I was in school was “The Odyssey” , just because I ended up studying it every time we moved.

    • Know how you feel. I keep my “I Read Banned Books” pin safely tucked away. I’ve seen my daughter eyeing it. Mockingbird is indeed a treasure.

  4. I love the all the Harry Potter books and let my 9 year old read them. I was surprised to find a large number of my assigned high school reads on lists of banned books, who knew nuns were such radicals. I’d love a copy of your book in kindle format.

    • Also a Potter fan here. Maybe the first books that said subliminally: kids can handle big words and even bigger books. Hats off to Rowling. As for radical nuns, aren’t those the best kind?

    • Thanks for dropping by, Amber. Twilight is on some people’s “Wish It Were Banned” list. My extremely astute niece couldn’t get through it, and she usually eats that stuff up. To each his own.

  5. I forgot to ask for pdf and for banned book I’ll go with Black Beauty. I have read a few that were assigned reads for school but I didn’t much care for them.

  6. This is so much fun and I love how you tell us to get our GPS’s and hunt down the facts. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!
    -Jessica B

    • I was a geocacher in another life. Found a lot of junk, but I also have a bowl on my writing desk full of little coins and trinkets I found in caches that make me smile. Two of my favorites are pewter tokens saying “Believe” and “Harmony.” Look for things in life. You never know what you will find.

  7. Sorry forgot to answer your questions To Kill a Mockingbird and A
    Diary of Anne Frank and the Hunger Games were all great!

  8. Totally enjoying this tour. A little late in commenting since I wasn’t online yesterday afternoon/evening. GL with the tour. Looking forward to reading Book of Mercy. Always the best to you all.

  9. Thank you so much for participating. Books of Mercy looks to be very good. I always hate when small closed mind people have nothing better to do with there time than to try to sensor people. I really cant wait on how Antigone handles her trouble

    Teresa K.

  10. Book of Mercy sounds like a good read. Has for banned books I don’t think any book should be banned nor do I understand why some books are banned. Could I have my copy in epub? Thank you

  11. I couldn’t comment on the other post either, because of the password. My vote goes for Green Eggs and Ham which apparently was banned in China at one point in time. My kids and I love to read that one together.
    I would prefer the kindle format. Thank you! I am looking forward to your book.

  12. I would love a copy of your book! I remember all of the Judy Blume books getting banned when I was in school. I wonder if they ever got off of the “naughty list”…..

    (Kindle edition please)

    • In Book of Mercy, I use actual banned books and Blume is in it. I think the censors are still kicking her, even though some of her books are more than 20 years old.

  13. Your book sounds very intriguing! Love the banned books theme. My favorite banned book is Lady Chatterly’s Lover. I have a kindle. Thanks for doing the blog tour!

    • Lady Chatterly’s lover by D.H. Lawrence. When I was in New Mexico, I saw some of Lawrence’s paintings and visited his ranch. He lived an active life—balancing a wife, a patron, and Georgia O’Keefe. Georgia just painted. The wife and patron fought over him even after he died.

  14. Hi, Great Giveaway…. I don’t know what my favorite banned book is…probably somthing by Mark Twain. If possible I would like the book in epub format.


  15. This sounds like a book that I’ll definitely enjoy. My favorite banned books are the Harry Potter books. I remember when my daughter’s 6th grade class was reading the first one. They had to stop part-way through because of parent complaints. In my opinion at least she had the kids reading. They were all enjoying the book. Kindle edition please.

    • Big Potter fan here. A librarian once told me that kids want to read about things — so they don’t have to experience them. So it’s a safety valvue of sorts.

  16. My favorite would be To Kill A Mockingbird. I love reading it, listeniing to the audio version(narrated by Sissy Spacek) and watching the movie.
    Book Of Mercy sounds wonderful – thanks for the opportunity to read it!

    epub, please

  17. Thanks so much for the great giveaway! I can’t wait to read “Book of Mercy”, I’ll be reading it on my Kindle!
    I was very surprised when I heard that “The Hunger Games” book was one that was being banned, I had read the series and loved them.

    • I loved the Hunger Games as well. That series grabbed you from the first page. It seems a shame to try to ban a book that teaches so many lessons about loyalty, friendship, courage, and self-sacrifice.

      • I agree! Thanks so much for “Book of Mercy”, I just downloaded it to my Kindle and I can’t wait to start reading it! Have a great day!

  18. Hi Sherry,

    Your book sounds so interesting. I look forward to reading it. My favorite recently banned book is Sherman Alexie’s The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian. Although there are a lot of other books that I have enjoyed that were also banned.

    I would love a copy of your book in epub form. You can e-mail me at

    Thank you,

    • I have heard much about that book but haven’t had the chance to read it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Hope you enjoy Book of Mercy.

  19. This is a great post! Hope you’re having fun! As for my fave banned book…Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Books that I wished were banned while I was in High School AP English…A Tale of Two Cities lol

    • Jackie, you’re the first one to put in a wish list for books you’d like banned. Come to think of it, there are few windy European authors, I’d add to your list. Nice folks have been visiting all day. Sponsors all came through with good reviews. Thanks for being our fearless leader.

  20. To be honest, I don’t know that I have a favorite from the banned list. I’ve only recently become obsessed with reading so there are a lot of books I’ve yet had the opportunity to read.

    Thank you for this giveaway though. Mobi would be great.


    • Antigone needs lot of cheerleaders. Thanks, Krysykat. She is a fighter and determined not to let Irene Crump get her down. Besides who would feed her deer? Another Catcher fan. It is amazing how that book has stuck with us for years.

  21. Thanks for offering your book–I have a Kindle. I think the recent controversy over Mark Twain was ridiculous–sometimes the past is hard to understand but (unfortunately) it can’t be changed.
    Karen in Breezy Point

  22. This book sounds fantastic. I am totally against banning books and am interested to find out what happens! Thank you!

    epub or kindle works for me 🙂

  23. I love your cover art! The description of your book sounds wonderful! Boxing deer??? I’m imagining it already. I’d love to have a Kindle copy
    As a side note … I love the ability to copy and paste the password instead of trying to decipher it! Scavenger hunts are fun … spam-blockers, not so much! What a great way to foil the spambots without annoying would be commenters. (After three tries, I give up.)

    • Thanks, Charlotte, I designed the cover. I fell in love with the image. After I found it, I even changed my character’s eyes to green to match. Hope you enjoy.

  24. Well Sherry, I am so glad I decided to take the time to follow this tour. It is great fun and I am absolutely giddy over being able to win a copy of Book of Mercy. I had no clue what it was about when this tour began and after reading all the posts from the sponsors my fingers are itching to get started. A ePub or mobi file would be lovely. I only became aware of the issue of banned books here in the US still occurring this past fall and I was really shocked that this could be going on in this day and age. I certainly feel it is a parent’s responsibility to guide their child according to their own household values and their child’s maturity level, but I do not feel they have the right to make those decisions for my household. Favorite banned book, I never really gave it much thought as I will read a book that catches my eye and I do not care if it was banned or not LOL Just because a book is “banned” it will not merit more attention from me any more so than had it been on a “recommended list” reading. I just want to sink my teeth into a good book and make those choices for myself. I heard that Harry Potter was on a list and Hunger Games, I have read both and really enjoyed them. I have hopped around the sponsor sites and there were some really great reviews that have made me even more anxious to read what sounds to me like a really good book. Thank you for your generous participation in this fun Getting Loaded tour. I am now heading over the twitter to ask for a clue / cheat because I cannot find an answer even after going back over each sponsor site twice and touring around here LOL I am ready to pull out my fine hairs and now am on a mission

    • I have been known to spill the beans on this tour. If you are still stuck, give me a holler. We all need our hair. Potter and Hunger Games were indeed good. I look at challenges to books in America as a positive sign. That means we are free because we have the right to challenge. Still, I LOVE it when a challenge fails.

  25. A great author and a can’t-wait-to-read-it book — what could be better? Thanks for this gift! Kindle format is right for me. Thanks! ~G

  26. Hi thanks . I love these giveaways they are so much fun. Your book sounds so different can’t wait to read. My format is kindle using my Laptop. I don’t have a reader been to busy buying them for my grandkids. You know how that goes grandma’s never buy for themselves but i sure could use one. Wish me Luck

    • I bought my daughters Kindles for Christmas. I couldn’t resist. Besides, they kept borrowing mine to go on trips. Happy reading.

  27. I feel fortunate that my son’s English teacher feels that no book should be banned, and has the class read many of them. She then tells why there is such a controversy, and why we should never lose the wisdom they hold. I never did understand why some were banned to begin with. They contain so many truths of our history; good and bad alike. I look forward to reading how your book works itself out. Thank you for offering your book to so many!

    PDF format, please.

    • What a remarkable teacher your son has. When we ban books, we lose so many teaching opportunities, not to mention entertainment, personal development, humankind development. I say, Give books a chance. Hope you enjoy Book of Mercy.

  28. Thank you, and I can’t wait to read Book of Mercy. It would be grand if you threw in Maud’s House also. Not to be greedy or a beggar or anything, but after being nosy and reading the excerpt for Maud’s House, I feel in love with it also. Thank you again for the giveaway and Kindle format would be great.

    Ollie Moss

  29. Hi, I was trying to comment on your IBC post but the password wouldn’t work for me, so here is my comment for the post.

    Book of Mercy sounds really cool and I’m quite curious to read it. My favorite banned book is A Wrinkle in Time and I’m still not entirely sure what was so objectionable about it, though I seem to remember that the theme of good and evil wasn’t rendered in a Christian enough of a motif or something to that effect.

  30. Slaughter House 5 was banned in some schools many years ago because they felt it was soft porn. I read the book and i enjoyed it. My kids also read it in High School. Please send me the kindle version of your book. It looks very interesting.

    • Ahh, Vonnegut, he did love to push buttons. In fact, Slaughterhouse was banned in 2011 by the Republic, MO, school system. Great book. One of my favorite Vonneguts along with Sirens of Titan.

  31. Happy Tour Day Sherry! Stopping by to say hello. Neiko says Olleh by the way and thanks for your advice. I hope you are having fun!

    • Thanks, Amanda, busy day. My network decided to be coy for awhile, which had me freaking. But all is okay now (fingers crossed).

    • J.D. did pen a winner with Catcher. Perhaps if it hadn’t been banned and people got obsessed with it and the author, Salinger would have written more. We’ll never know.

    • Thanks, Chelsea. I hope you get some visitors to Day 3. Back track, people, and get all the clues. Chelseas has some great ones.

  32. I’m from Greece and I don’t understand why there are banned books. Some of them they are ridiculous to be in that list. Here in Greece the teachers encourage the kids to read books like these. I have many favorites such as Lolita, Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl, To Kill a Mockingbird.
    Book of Mercy sounds really good, I would prefer epub format.

    Thank you very much!

    • Bravo for Greece! To Kill a Mockingbird is so wonderful. You can read it over and over and still feel entranced. Atticus is a strong guy. What a hero. And isn’t that what books do? Help us find heros we can love and maybe be like someday.

  33. Book of Mercy sounds interesting and very different, can’t wait to read it! Thanks for the giveaway.

    I don’t have a favorite banned book; I’ve never looked to see which books are on the list, but I’m going to go check that out.

    Kindle format

    • Candace, you will be amazed at the books you will find on banned lists. Poor Judy Blume will never get off them. But I don’t think she minds.

  34. I can’t even believe that banning books is legal. Pretty apropos right now, seeing how we have to fight to keep the internet uncensored, too. Your question inspired me to browse various lists of banned books, from government bans to school bans, and the numbers of books on these lists is incredible. Entire authors have been banned; I didn’t even know that. *sigh*

    I’d have to do a lot more research before I could come up with a favorite banned book- there are too many.

    I’m looking forward to reading and reviewing Book of Mercy. Thanks for participating in this. Love it.

    (kindle please)

    • Yes, nearly 500 books are challenged each year, according to the American Library Association. This makes me sad, but also happy. Because I appreciate that we are allowed to challenge books (even though I think no book deserves banning) because it means we are free to express ourselves and have different ideas.

  35. I’m a NC native, so I can’t wait to read about Mercy! Thanks for participating in the tour. I remember my favorite independent book store in Chapel Hill (sigh since closed) would put up a big display in their window every year of banned books. Great ones to choose from! I’m a kindle girl.

    • I lived in NC for nearly 20 years. Old Gringo was challenged in my daughter’s high school (Grimsley in Greensboro). We fought it and won, but the English teacher resigned. Bummer.

  36. Hi. Thanks for this giveaway! So excited to join. Catcher in the rye is one book I like and It was banned from the school system awhile back, I heard. Mobi version will be great.

    • I actually didn’t read Catcher in the Rye until I was adult. Obviously, my school district didn’t think it was important. Too bad. Good book.

  37. I love Roald Dahl books…I can’t believe James and the Giant Peach is on the list. I’m 30+ years old and still have my original book from middle school on my bookshelf. I also have the animated movie.

    I remember reading Native Son by Richard Wright in high school and to this day am still not sure why of all the choices for a book report I picked this one. I don’t agree with book banning but this book was very violent. I know it’s on the banned book list now but it makes more sense that Native Son be banned than James and the Giant Peach.

    A Kindle version would be great please. 🙂

    Your book sounds wonderful.


    • James and the Giant Peach has always been one of my favorites. I still have a copy and am saving it for my grandkids, should they ever come. That is one of the pleasures of reading, passing down beloved books.

  38. Like the sound of Book of Mercy, sounds like a great read with interesting characters. I probably have read most of what is on a banned list!
    Mobi would work for me
    Thanks for being part of the this fun blog tour.

    • The American Library Association says about 500 books are challenged every year on average. So, sadly, your banned list will grow no doubt. Enjoy Book of Mercy.

  39. I’m looking forward to reading your book, and all the books in the tour. But since I’m a librarian, I love stories with secret libraries. And EPUB is best, but any format will do. My not-so-secret library is on my iPad.

    • Yes, secret libraries are yummy. It is fun just thinking about curling up in a big chair with your iPad and being surrounded with virtual books. Happy reading.

  40. I echo comments from others that this sounds like a terrific book and your main character intrigues me. Thank you for being a part of this event. I look forward to reading your book.

  41. My favorite banned book is Farenheit 451, just because of how it speaks of the value of the written word.

    I’d love the Kindle edition of Book of Mercy. Thank you! allyreads81 at gmail dot com

  42. Have a wonderful book tour, Mom! Of course, I already know that Book of Mercy is a delightful read, but it couldn’t hurt to have a copy for the new Kindle. Hugs.

  43. Your book sounds great, I hate it when they ban books and will go out of my way to buy them and read them. I live in Georgia and they have banned the Uncle Remus books here. Ironic since there is a town here with an Uncle Remus museum. You can’t even find them to buy them any more. Thankfully, I bought them all when my son was little and kept them. He loved for me to read them to him and to this day (he is 30) when he wants you to forbid him from doing something he wants to do, he’ll say “oh please don’t throw me in the briar patch” his wife, who is younger didn’t know what he was talking about the first time she heard it, how sad.

    • What a great story. Do they at least sell Uncle Remus at the museum? Instead of banning books, we should be talking to kids about books.

  44. There was a vampire book that was banned when I was in middle school that I had read but I don’t remember the title. I look forward to reading your book. Thanks!


  45. Hi Sherry, I think Book of Mercy sounds great and I can’t wait to read it! I think Blog Tours are great too! Thank you for participating and making your book available. I prefer the Kindle format.

  46. Thanks for participating. The cover of Book of Mercy is great for a mystery, but from the post I don’t thinkl it is one. How would you classify Book of Mercy?

    • Book of Mercy is literary fiction or women’s fiction. I designed the cover and loved the woman’s eyes, her disintegrting face and the words across her face. Those all said dealing with a reading disability to me. But my husband agrees that the colors are more in the mystery realm.

  47. hi Sherry! i am very excited about Book of Mercy! i love stories about small town Americana after having read all of Fannie Flagg’s books. it’s so hard to pick which among the banned books is my favorite because i love a lot of those in the list – 1984, Tarzan of the Apes, The Handmaid’s Tale, Lord of the Flies, some books by Roald Dahl, Stephen King and JK Rowling, etc. i was so fortunate growing up. my parents, teachers and elders never dictated what i should read or not. they were there to guide me and to answer questions i have but they never imposed restrictions. that accounts i guess for my eclectic taste in books.
    i’m really looking forward to receiving a copy of your book (pdf)! thank you very much! c”,)

    • What a coincidence. One of my beta readers compared Book of Mercy to Fannie Flagg’s work. She’s a great writer. For years, I’ve had a “I Read Banned Books” pin on my office bulletin board. So many goodies in the banned book pile: the Harry Potters, Steinbeck, Twain, Roald Dahl. Thanks for hopping on the tour. Please let me know what you think of Book of Mercy.

      • Fannie Flagg is amazing! once i devoured her Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe, she was on my favorite author’s list and i had to have all her books which i managed to complete after a few years. i used to collect pins and buttons. i think i need to find an “I Read Banned Books” to add to my forgotten collection.
        thanks for the copy by the way. i got it and will upload it to my ereader later! i’ll certainly tell you what i think once i’m done! have a very good one! c”,)

  48. Your book sounds like a really fun read! I’m looking forward to diving in 🙂 Any form will work for me–ePub, pdf, or Mobi are all fine.
    Thank you for participating in this blog hop.

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