12 Shameless Reasons to Shop the Indie Book Blowout

This time of year you are inundated with promotions—every single one of them shameless. I’d like to keep Christmas pristine just as much as the next guy, but what’s an indie author to do? I’ve got birds to feed, kids who need more electronics, and an 81-year-old father expecting something for Christmas.

We’re all—both indie and traditional publishers—fighting for your attention. Hey, you out there in cyberland, yes you, look at me, look at my book (major waving and jumping around). Put down that L.L. Bean catalog and come to the Twelve Days of Christmas Indie Book Blowout.

The Blowout is like that annual book sale you wouldn’t miss for the world, the one held at your church or your local library. Every year you go, slowly making your way down aisles between tables crammed with books. Your neck gets a crick in it from turning at just the right angle to read book titles on old moldy spines. The room smells of books—and excitement. What treasure will you find this year?

The Twelve Days of Christmas Indie Book Blowout is full of treasures. Here are twelve shameless reasons why you should explore it:

  1. The most shameless of the shameless: my new novel, Book of Mercy, is there. Where else will you get a serious topic—censorship—all wrapped up in a funny novel? (There’s pie throwing, a wife who binge drives, a navigationally challenged husband, a villain who wears Prada, hubcap art, and a bad guy who likes Richard Nixon masks.) FOR JUST 99 CENTS. The first three chapters alone are worth that. And once it’s on your Kindle, it’s easy to get to, unlike some partridges in pear trees.
  2. Turtles (not to be confused with turtle doves) are fearful things. They duck back into their shells at the slightest provocation. At the Blowout, you can work on facing your own fears. You WILL find the perfect book for Uncle Harvey or Aunt Rose. There are more than 200 from which to choose—and every book is only 99 cents.
  3. Looking for something foreign? I don’t think there are any books in French or about hens. But you should examine every one, just to make sure.
  4. If you hadn’t read this far, you wouldn’t know that the famous holiday tune actually sings of “colly birds” on the fourth day, not “calling birds.” What’s a colly? It’s a blackbird. In England, a coal mine is called a colliery, and colly refers to something being black like coal. Isn’t it great to learn new stuff? No doubt you will access all kinds of new information in your Blowout books.
  5. I cannot promise you that you will receive five gold rings this Christmas. However, if you shop at the Blowout, you could win a new Kindle. Buy a book and get entered into the giveaway. What will you do with another Kindle? Keep it for yourself and give your old one to your kid.
  6. Don’t lay a goose egg this Christmas. You can give Blowout eBooks to friends and family who don’t even own Kindles. They can download a free Kindle app and read into the wee hours of the morning on their computer, iPad, or smartphone.
  7. Duckling or swan? Shopping at the Blowout will bring out your inner beauty. Because that’s what reading and books do. They grow our spirit, make us laugh, and feed our dreams.
  8. If you’re a maid who has a lot more milking to do before the sun sets and can’t face the mall, simply turn on your computer and head to the Blowout. You can satisfy any reading appetite without leaving your desk: scary horror stuff, fun romances, intriguing mysteries, smart contemporary fiction, mind-blowing paranormal tales, and in-your-face nonfiction (it’s all true, baby). Every book is 99 cents, which fits perfectly into a milkmaid’s budget.
  9. Remember the Black Friday riots: people grabbing toys out of other people’s carts; shoppers shoving, pushing, and pepper spraying? At the Blowout, we are all about decorum. You can act like a lady or a gentleman—and still stuff your stocking to overflowing with Kindle books. Go ahead, do your happy dance now.
  10. Every day of this special sales event, the Blowout will be giving away Amazon gift cards to winners randomly selected from the Indie Book Blowout subscriber database. That ought to set your lords to leaping. Enter the giveaway with each purchase. That’s extra smackeroos to supplement your Christmas budget (or to pack your Kindle with more Blowout deals).
  11. Sorry, there is no music being sold in this holiday promotion. You will have to get your pipers piping elsewhere.
  12. Drum roll, please. This wouldn’t be a shameless list if I didn’t mention my book again. Book of Mercy: a funny novel about a serious issue—censorship. Don’t fall for a book of similar title by some guy named Cohen; that’s poetry. I don’t write poetry, and I don’t sing. But I have always wanted someone to dance me to the end of love.

So let’s get in the shopping, er, holiday spirit. Go to the Twelve Days of Christmas Indie Book Blowout NOW and begin wandering our virtual aisles. The Blowout only lasts from December 12-24, 2011. It is sponsored by the Indie Book Collective, a group of authors who believe readers rock.

Happy holidays and enjoy your books.


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12 Shameless Reasons to Shop the Indie Book Blowout — 22 Comments

    • Thanks. I woke up one morning with that scene from Miracle on 34th Street in my head where the Santa-in-training says, “Commercialism is the worst ‘ism’. Make a buck. Make a buck.” This post reeled out from that. It’s scary what the mind percolates while we sleep.

  1. A wonderful funny helpful inspiring blog, Sherry. IndieBooks should hire you for promotion! Thanks for the great push you gave to the Indie Book Blowout. This blog rocks!

    • Gloria, the neat thing about the Blowout has been meeting authors like you. I feel like I’ve developed relationships and can turn to you guys for advice, a tweet now and then. I hope you all feel the same.

  2. I bought every book in my genre (Young Adult Paranormal Romance) without breaking the bank! I have enough “book money” left over to try several others as well …. Hmmmm…. What to choose?

    • There are so many books in a variety of genres. The Blowout is like a smorgasbord—for pennies you can try a dish (a genre) you don’t ordinarily go for and you might be pleasantly surprised. I hope your book, Enchantment, weaves a spell on many Blowout readers.

  3. After all the good things I heard about Book of Mercy, these aren’t all shameless reasons to participate!

    Judy, South Africa

    • You make me blush, Judy. You are most kind. Your book, Dancing in the Shadows of Love, looks fascinating. Good luck in the Blowout.

  4. Enjoyed your blog, Sherry! Love picking up books for a deal, especially great since my kindle holds so many. I’m able to try some different genres–going to have enough reading material to last into February:)

    • I like a good deal, too, Bev. Speaking of trying new genres at little expense, I haven’t read a romantic horse story in a long time. Your Blowout book, Jockeys and Jewels, looks intriguing. Plus, you have a wonderful website: http://www.bevpettersen.com/books.html

  5. All excellent reasons! It is pretty hard to get the word out but shameless blog posts like this one certainly help!

    And indeed, readers do rock. 🙂

    • Tina’s Blowout book, River in the Sea, is one of 200 great indie books available for Christmas for just 99 cents. Is that shameless enough for you, Tina? Indies write for readers.

  6. Loved your blog, Sherry! Very informative and funny. I’ll have to check out your book. This Indie Blowout is indeed a great deal on some fantastic books. Best of luck!

    • Good luck in the Blowout, Alicia. I hope your book, Death Notice, soars in the charts. It looks exciting. I agree that you can’t beat 99 cents for a good read.

  7. Morning Sherry,
    Thank you for my morning chuckle! You have listed so many reasons that I have to shop at the Indie Book Blowout, that I’m headed over there now! Good luck on your sales!

    • Your welcome. My family says I can’t sing, but I can do a little parody. Good luck to you. If I bump you in the virtual aisles, it’s only because my arms are FULL.

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